Privacy Policy

Any company that deals with public money and public investments must maintain a very effective privacy policy. It is very important for the company for maintaining a strong relationship with the customers or clients. Like any other company, Same Day Installment Loans also maintains a very strict privacy policy to safeguard the interest of our business. We follow these policies very strictly:

  • We do not force our visitors to register themselves whenever they visit our site.
  • All our clients are given unique passwords and IDs to access their account from time to time. All the accounts are secured with these passwords and therefore, there remains no possibility of malpractice of these secret accounts.
  • We, at Same Day Installment Loans, maintain the secrecy in the best possible manner and therefore, we discourage any possibility of revealing the secrecy ever.
  • We also discourage any attempt of seeking any personal information by any third party. We do not entertain any such request whatsoever. However, sometime we may share these details with a lender in order to find a better deal for our applicants.