Terms and Conditions

Like our privacy policies, we value our terms and conditions as well. These terms and conditions are meant for the safety and security of our website form any misuse or malpractice. We, at Same Day Installment Loans, have coined these terms and conditions as they suit the nature of our business the best:

  • We do not provide our services to any client who is less than 18 years of old. Therefore, we do not undertake any responsibility if anybody less than this age uses our site without our permission.
  • The content of our site defines the requirements of our business in the best possible manner. However, these are some general conception about various loans and they are not expert's view. We cannot be held responsible if any individual or company accepts this content as expert's views.
  • We, at Same Day Installment Loans, request every visitor to install some antivirus software before browsing our website. Our website may contain dreadful virus that can affect your system.